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FlowHER House Collective

FlowHER House Collective is an emerging women-based street dance collective founded by Crystal Finn-Dunn. Our main practice is in the street style of house dance. We believe the house essence that women carry is unique, delicate and free flowing, without undermining our strength and power. Our focus is to push the boundaries of traditional house dance within other styles of dance and music, while staying true to its roots. Collectively, our dance backgrounds derive and live in ballet, contemporary, modern, classical Indian styles, breakdancing, hip hop, popping, waacking, jazz, and tap. Our goal is to present street dance as a living, working, and creative outlet to audiences from street to theatre.

Since establishing in February 2018, we have successfully performed our jazz-inspired theatre piece “One Dream” pt. I in Toronto and in New York City, the birthplace of house dance, at Ladies of Hip Hop with the completed version. We are extremely humbled by our experiences in New York and being accepted into that opportunity. We have performed at the Toronto street dance showcase Nuff’ with our Latin-infused work, and at the premiere monthly edition of the interactive performance and art party Mood Ring with the development of our piece “Love Love EVOLution”. We completed a public space residency “This is our Place” with the support of I/O Movement at The Bentway. As our street culture brings us together to dance in any untraditional space, we are working towards our new work surrounding the seasonal changes with inspiration from our outdoor residency. We were most recently invited to perform at the legendary house club party Funkbox in Toronto on it’s 10-year anniversary. Funkbox is a long-standing weekly party in New York City with resident house DJs Tony Touch and Voodoo Ray rich in developing and supporting house dance culture. FlowHER is aiming to expand our roots and continue to spread the street dance culture through theatre, performance, creation, teaching, travel, battles and exchange.


IG/FB @flowherhousecollective

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